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Just a few lines about us and how we got where we are.

After completing HL2 a couple of times and getting quickly tired of HL2 deathmatch, I stumbled across CS:Source in my list of steam games earlier on in 2005. Wolfenstein and Rainbow six were my only previous experience of on line gaming and I was instantly hooked on the interaction and fun I found. It has to be said I was lucky to drop straight into one of the better servers (Dads Army) who are a blast to play with and extremely fair.

After a couple of months I decided to rent my own little 8 man server for a laugh with the intention of learning about the admining and server side of things.

Quickly I had a couple of regulars in Cannon Fodder, g3po, Histeria, D>cft and U-Start. Then half a dozen work colleagues got fed up of listening to my constant wittering about what a laugh it was and decided to take the plunge and join in. They brought family and friends along. Vader, Ceedee, Carlos, Matt, Invictus, Maverick, Sicknote and Diablo meant we were now up to a 14 man server.

At this point we had illusions of grandure and were going to form a clan to rule the world. With the majority being from Wakefield -=YUK=- (Yorkshire Uk) was born. Although g3p0 and D>cft were Scottish, Cannon Fodder from Brighton and U-Start from Liverpool it didn't really matter.

Cannon volunteered to sort a web site out for us while I concentrated on the server and custom map hosting.

The rise to the top of any ladders is still work in progress and a long way off but its still loads of fun and a great way to unwind.

We have increased the server to the maximum size available with 4-U servers and have a full and active clan base of 24. With many of us being on the wrong side of 30 we promote a friendly, non-swearing and fun server where it should be safe for anyone to play. We get a lot of raised eyebrows about the non-swearing bit but we all agree its not a necessity to swear and most people seem to respect that.

We are only here for a bit of fun and recruits are chosen for their conduct, attitude and interaction with the rest of us rather than skill. I guess we will never win any trophies but we will always go down smiling!!!


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Yorkshire UK 


Event Calendar
  • CS:S - Public 66 tick
  • CS:S Clan server
  • CS:S War server
  • CS:GO Classic Competitive - Public 128 tick
  • CS:GO Match Server - 128 tick
  • BF3 32 Slot Public (Yorkshire UK BF3 -=YUK=-)